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Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Cheats

What you have here are additional tips to the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats, as these strategies can still help you to defeat your enemies faster. After all, wisdom and smartness are much more important than raw skills. The more you play the game the more you get better but a novice armed with a few secret tips can pull an upset on you.

Save your multi-attack members for the last and the hardest battle

You will have a couple of members that have the ability to attack multiple enemies at the same time. Most players make the mistake of using these members too early. They will use them for easier battles and be left high and dry in the final battle.

The truth is that the designers of the game are already aware that you will come across battles you can’t win without being able to attack multiple enemies at the same time. That is why they included members like that. But if you use them up before those battles, you already set yourself up for a loss. Of course, you will be tempted to use them before the appropriate time. You need to resist every temptation. With more multi-target members you can just save one for the last battle but only if the battle is not too hard. But these members can be very hard to get so the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats can be a really great help.


Pay attention to your enemies blue meter

As the new team that you will set up with the help of the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack won’t be able to one-hit every enemy, so this can be still good to know for anybody who got some struggle with winning a battle.

Each fighter cannot fight until his blue meter is completely filled. Here, it is not a good idea to attack the enemies with empty blue meter first. They can’t do anything until their blue meter is totally filled. It makes more sense to target enemies with almost full blue meters first. Kill them all first, you will have more time to take the ones with empty meter later. The idea is to attack them in the order of their blue meter level.


Unlocking a challenge mode

When you unlock a challenge mode, it is a higher level and so you will face enemies stronger than the ones you have faced before. In fact some of the enemies can kill your party with little or no effort. The best way to handle this is to unleash your party member that can use abilities that can reduce the offensive capabilities of your enemies. This has a way of weakening their power and aggression towards you.

Use your slim tickets wisely

When you get to level 9 you will be able to use slim tickets. You can make use of it after winning a battle and earning three gold stars. You can use the slim ticket to play the battle again immediately. This will give you a chance to collect more loots.

Participate in relevant forums

Another good method is to participate in any forum about the game. There are several Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats and tricks available and more will still be discovered with time. A lot of these secret cheats and tricks are usually divulged in the forums.

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